Join the Development of Olla Exchange!

As OLLX, the revolutionary platform and token similar to Binance Coin (BNB) and Solana (SOL), takes the stage, join us in reshaping decentralized finance. By acquiring OLLX tokens, you support our visionary project and become part of a community revolutionizing the financial landscape. Just like BNB and SOL, which experienced astonishing price appreciation from cents to over $400 and $200 per coin, OLLX holds immense growth potential in the cryptocurrency market. With our cutting-edge technology and visionary approach, we aim to replicate and surpass their success as we will be building together with OChain, our very own blockchain network. Embrace the opportunity to reshape finance—join OLLX now!
Don’t miss the token sale opportunity. Buy it now at 0.10 USDC/OLLX. Keep in mind that we are building our OWN BLOCKCHAIN. This is not a meme coin or any other type of altcoin that relies on other networks. Future prediction might increase to 0.30 USDC/OLLX, $0.60, $5.00 or even $200.
The token private sale campaign is transferred manually on our side. The most important is the Base Authority Address below as the authority that manages the $OLLX smart contract.
Only 4 steps below to complete your holding on the $OLLX token.

Step 1

Check Conversion Before Token Purchase

How much $OLLX token would you like to hold? Enter the value in the USDC field to convert the value to a $OLLX token:
(Note: USDC is only a reference. We also accept BTC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, BCH, ADA, LINK, XRP, SOL, UNI and MATIC)
Private Sale Price (Round 1):
1 OLLX = 0.1 USDC
Private Sale Minimum Purchase:
1,000 OLLX = 100 USDC


You will get:


Step 2

Then, send USDC (or BTC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, BCH, ADA, LINK, XRP, SOL, UNI and MATIC) based on the required $OLLX token you want to buy to the Base Authority Address or Metamask address below from any wallet or exchange.
Base Authority Address:
Make sure Base Authority Address above is the same as the address in Solscan. Verify it here.

Step 3

Next, you need a Phantom Wallet address to receive a $OLLX token. Register a new Phantom Wallet if you don’t have one. Make sure to copy only Solana’s address. We will then send you the $OLLX token in the same conversion amount as your USDC (or BTC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, BCH, ADA, LINK, XRP, SOL, UNI and MATIC).

Step 4 (Final)

Fill in the form below to notify us. You will receive announcements and more info about tokens in the future.
The token name that you use to transfer to our crypto address.
Note on APY Lock Period: This is your selection and agreement to allow our facility to lock your investment for a period of 180 days or 365 days based on the respective profits.
Only matching addresses with a successful transaction will be approved for the APY program.
If you have a referral code, you will get an additional of 5% OLLX token. E.g. 10,000 USDC = 100,000 OLLX + 5,000 OLLX. But if you do not have any referral code, just enter "FREE5%". This offer is only limited to 25 participants.
Enter your email. As an investor, you are now our team member. This is to make it easier for us to contact you to notify of future expansion, milestone and achievement.
We can accept either real or alternative names if you want to be anonymous as long as your wallet address is valid for future profit sharing.
This is optional. We will add your username to our private Discord channel which is restricted only to Olla's APY investors.

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